Thinking Outside the Box for Budget Wedding Photography Ideas

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To even the most expense-aware couples, some things they discover planning for a wedding can come as a total surprise. There are things that need to be done that one never thought of; and these things can end up costing hair-raising sums. To anyone trying to save a a good deal of money somewhere in the list of things that need to get done in a wedding, starting with the expense of the wedding photography can be a great idea. If you go and hire a professional wedding photographer to document your special day, if you end up costing more than $3000; budget wedding photography options do exist though; and they could just save your wedding budget.

Most people have a friend or a distant relative who has amateurs skills in photography or who does a photography course in college. Polling your friends for who could be willing to pull photography duty on wedding day could be great budget wedding photography idea. There are lots of people out there who really enjoy taking pictures. Some of them are self-trained experts. You’re not really looking for someone with a portfolio like they were professionals. You just looking for someone with good equipment and a real eye for aesthetics.

There are two kinds of reactions you could come by asking your friends or family for help in this department. Some could be flattered that you would trust their photography instincts enough to bring them in on your special day; others could be fearful that they could do something to ruin things and be held eternally responsible for how “they were the ones who botched things on Abby’s special day”. You need to work on soothing their fears and letting them know that you aren’t looking for spectacular results – just that you want pleasing and elegant-looking pictures of what you wedding looked like.

Budget wedding photography doesn’t have to look like it. A few days before the wedding day, you can sit down with them and talk to them about the kind of effects that you’re looking for. You don’t want to sound too demanding, of course – you do realize that your they aren’t really getting paid professional prices. You just want to make sure that you and the photographer agree on the kind of results you should have. You could tell them about the kind of poses you want, the places, the backgrounds, and so on. Of course, if they happen to be family member, they’ll know all about you, and they’ll know what kinds of people are the most important to you. They are certain to make sure that those people feature well in your pictures.

For the most interesting pictures possible, make sure that you get your photographer to look for some situations where there are a few candid shots possible – of people looking like themselves and not being on guard. A few close-ups from time to time can be great idea. Making sure that there are a few pictures taken in natural light can bring a great touch of realism too.

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