Getting Your Wedding Hair Right

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For any women, getting her crowning glory just right is an essential part of her identity and it really is true to say that a bad hair day can be a bad day in every respect. Getting the right hairstyle for your wedding day is something that should not be a five-minute wonder, but should evolve over time. Many factors need to be taken into account as, among other things, your hair has to live up to the beauty of your choice of bespoke wedding dresses. Following these tips should help you achieve the perfect hairstyle for you and prevent you having bad hair day on your big day.

Do the Preparation

Using a hairdresser you trust and who knows you and your hair is essential. Changing hairdressers immediately before the big day is definitely not to be recommended, even if your best friend says they are the best thing since Vidal Sassoon!

Feeling comfortable with whoever is doing your hair on the day is vital, and choosing the right hairstyle should be a collaborative and evolving process. So many factors need to be taken into account – including some technical issues such as whether the chosen style will stay the course. After all, you don’t want to go from the goddess look to a dragged through a hedge look in the space of a few hours! You also want to ensure your guests and groom recognise you, so drastic changes and totally out of character style changes should also be avoided. Your pre-wedding hair appointment is not the time to have that gamine crop you’ve been thinking about for some time; a couple of months before is the time for any real changes. If you usually wear your hair loose and natural, an over coiffed “up do” may not be right for you.

Look at Your Dress

Looking at the bespoke wedding dresses of the rich and famous for inspiration is great but make sure you look at the whole “look” and not just the dress. Choosing a hairstyle to match the dress is important, but what suited Mia Farrow may not be right for you. Adapting the style you like to accentuate your good points is something a good hairdresser should be able to help with. Scour magazines for ideas of how you want to look and spend time with your hairdresser to try and evolve a look that suits your hair type, style of dress and personality. You need to be comfortable on the day, and choosing a style that restricts your usual vibrant personality could make you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease. On the other hand, if your usual style is restrained and elegant, choosing a natural and flowing hairstyle could make your feel ungroomed and messy. It is vital to fit the style to your personality and not the other way round.

Most important of all, don’t be bullied by anyone! This is your day and how you feel about the way you look will have a massive impact on your enjoyment of it. For once it really is all about you, and you must make sure that the decisions you make about how to wear your hair are in your best interests. If you do this combined with the technical expertise of the designers of bespoke wedding dresses and your hairdresser you are sure to find the perfect style for your perfect day.

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